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 Accommodation in suits on Bjelasnica mountain!

Wanting to satisfy your wishes and spread our capacity's we offer you from this year, beside the accommodation we offer in town, we now have accommodation in suits of our hotel ownership on Olympic mountain Bjelasnica.

Enjoy the mountains in the waking of spring and pleasant summer. In Fall take a rest alongside a diversity of beautiful colors nature has to offer. In the winter season enjoy winter idyll and relaxing moments by a fire place and lookout to the ski path.

Suits are spacious, 70 and 90 m2 in size, equipped with a kitchen with all needs supplied, bathroom, balcony, fireplace, central heating system and parking places.

Suits are for 1 Person, but can for 2 or more, depending on your needs. Suits are located next to a ski path, and suit settlement "Babin do".

See our photo gallery and convince yourself of the conveniences and comforts we have to offer.

    Accommodation in luxury suits on Bjelasnica with best prices!

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